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Illegibilus: Zachary Floydd * revamped* by Yunisaki Illegibilus: Zachary Floydd * revamped* by Yunisaki
:iconillegibilus: OUT WITH THE OLD AND IN WITH THE NEW :icondancersplz:

• Name: Zachary Flyodd 
• Age: 17
• Gender: Male
• Height: 176cm / 5'9
• Weight: 60kg
• Birthday: September 25th ( Libra )
• Nationality: American-British
• House: RavenClaw
• Year: 7th

• Personality:

Zach is a very curious and adventurous boy, when he wants to find something out, he never hesitates and likes to dive into the unknown. The boy is also competitive and hates losing, if its academically or physically. Even with this, he is quite intelligent and thinks through things despite his impulsive behaviour. Zach is also quite knowledgable and takes interest in even the smallest of things, if you're his friend, you can be seen sitting around listening to him go on and on about something trivial like a leaf.  He likes to think he is neither a good guy nor a bad guy and does things that only pleases himself. He can be quite friendly and generous when he wants to but is easily annoyed and wont hold back when expressing his feelings. Can be very affectionate and flirty as well.

• Background:

Zachary lived with his two younger siblings and his parents somewhere on the outskirts of London, his mother being a muggleborn and his father, a pureblood. They werent rich nor poor but happy all the same. Zach, being the oldest child had to bear the responsibilities an older brother usually had like taking care of his siblings and guarding the house when his parents were out. Zach never had any problems with friends, though he had been in a fight or two ( due to his sharp tongue). Due to his adventurous spirit, Zach loved to go to parks and climbing trees was his favourite pastime. He liked to be able to see everything from the height and observing people was fun for him too. He usually had a book along with him, so he could sit on a branch and read while enjoying the breeze.

One day however, one of his siblings ( boy girl twins) tried to follow him up the tree which resulted in him falling and injuring himself. Zach had never seemed to be able to forgive himself for being so unattentive and had beaten himself over that incident. After that, he rarely went to the park or climbed trees, indugling himself in studying so he could get his mind of that guilt that had been riding on his shoulders. It seemed like a positive thing as the boy grew up to be quite smart and quick-witted. He was more into books then, being the curious boy he was, reading novels or studies to pass his time. He grew slightly more introverted compared to his younger self but was still a good brother, playing with the twins form time to time. 

His parents were pleased at how he matured and always congratulated him for his hard work. The boy was happy but a part of him still longed to be off the ground.

So, he would go off secretly to climb a tree or two at night however, feeling at ease when he was high up. He suddenly longed for something new to explore one day and the Hogwarts letter soon came. His family of course, expected the letter to come sooner or later and gave their teary goodbyes.

" I'll come back and be 100% more cooler" He would chuckle and salute his family good bye as he boarded the train.

• Family: 
Jacob Floydd ( father; pureblood )

Amelia Floydd ( mother; muggleborn)

Rinny and Finn ( younger siblings; twins )

• Likes & Dislikes:

+ Heights
+ Nature
+ Reading/ Studying
+ Chocolate Milk
+ Teasing people
+ Quidditch
+ Casual Sparring

- Whiny girls
- Attention seekers
- Butterbeer
- Potions Class
- cold weather

• Elective Classes:

Study of Ancient Runes

• Extra Curricular: (Optional, no more than two)
Ancient Studies
Magical Theory

• Spells: 
Imperturbable Charm
Confundus Charm
Patronus Charm
Silencing Charm

• Wand Ingredients 
Core: Dragon
Length: Twelve and a Half Inches
Wood: Ebony
Flexibility: Slightly Springy

• Achievements (Optional)
Badges and Trophies earned

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