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December 15, 2013
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Illegibilus: Siofra Bardon * REPLACED * by Yunisaki Illegibilus: Siofra Bardon * REPLACED * by Yunisaki
Edit 31/3/14: No longer in IB replaced by:

HUFFING :iconillegibilus:

Prefect Badge by row Yule Ball 2013 Badge by row 1 Galleon by row

 Siofra Bardon

Age:  17

Gender:  Female

Height: 5'3"

Weight:  50kg

Nationality: Mixed Irish

House:  HufflePuff

Year: 6th


Studious / Stubborn / Introverted / Kind / Unphasable / Independent

Siofra is a really big bookworm and doesnt really want to mix around much. She likes to keep to herself alot which sometimes leads to her talking to herself. She has a kind nature but wouldnt be 'man' enough to show it. She is not shy though, she just has trouble speaking to strangers and talking to people. She does stand up for herself or anyone when she really needs to. When she gets comfortable she does turn into quite a chatter box.


Siofra grew up in a small town in Ireland with her grandparents, who raised her up. She has never met her parents as they left when she was very small. Her grandmother told her that they had to 'do something, somewhere', that's all she told her. The girl never asked any further however, accepting it the way it was.

 In her town there were not many children, so she often played with herself. She didnt mind being left alone, seeing she already grew up in that sort of environment but it made the girl somewhat mute. She wasnt willing to talk to anyone but herself and her grandparents. She would laugh, sing and play with them like a normal child but as soon as someone from the town came over for a chat, she would keep to herself entirely.

 Her grandparents then started to worry, seeing the girl distance herself from reality and indulging only in fiction. They tried many times, reassuring her that there was nothing to be afraid of. Siofra would take none of it and remained how she was. She grew up loving books so much, it was hardly what she ever did, apart from singing or doing crafts occasionally.

 Their worries were soon over though as the letter to Hogwarts arrived. Siofra didnt know what to make of the letter, she knew she wasnt a muggle but she was afraid of leaving her grandparents' side. They reassured her that she will do fine and she hesitantly accepted her fate.

Family: (if any)

Grandparents; Aine and Baoth < 50 y/o ; Witch ( Pureblood), 53 y/o ; wizard ( Mudblood)>
Parents; MIA

Interests & Dislikes:
+ Books
+ Living creatures ( any type)
+ Sitting alone
+ listening to music
+ singing

- Panicking
- Sweating
- Dark places
- Thunder
- Rowdy People

Elective Classes:

- Divination
- Alchemy
- Mugge studies

Extra Curricular: 

Ancient Studies

-Caterwauling Charm

Wand Ingredients - 
Core: Unicorn Hair
Length: 10 and a half inches
Wood: Holly
Flexibility:  Unbending

Relationships * UPDATED*

Its like- a Diary Entry of each person? Something like that uvu

Pierre : (..... Friends? Unsure if close friends ) For some reason I am so comfortable with this boy, even though I am sometimes confused by his actions. I do not regret staying by his side however and I hope I can continue to do so. I should cherish times like this before they slip away. Many things have happened to the two of us that cannot be told to others neither should it be told. It is nothing unappropriate or crude. Ever since that frightening incident, I have found it difficult to feel safe at night sometimes. I must not rely on him so much and put him in a position of danger anymore. Nevertheless, being with him had made me realize how many emotions I actually have and have expressed them one way or another. Life is less boring now you might say.. I look forward to every morning.

Alice: ( Unsure) Alice is a very friendly person, I am thankful for that. I still dont know how to talk or open  conversation with her. I like her hair, its nice and puffy.

Kaelum : ( Dunno ) A Gryfindoor boy I met with Alice. He is okay I suppose but forward? 

Briony : ( Nice) She let me pet her cat.. It was cute. She doesnt talk much, like me, I think I would enjoy sitting down and reading books with her.

Amy : ( ....;;;; ) She is wild and abit nutty according to me. She seemed intimidating at first, asking me alot of questions and jumping into conclusions alot. She took me flying to and tried to kill me. Just kidding. I almost did though. I.. have never met someone so overly spontaneous and risky- I have mixed feelings about meeting her again.

Dimitri : ( Alright? ) Met him in the library. He gets flustered easily I noticed. He helped me pick up my books so he is not half bad, though we have not conversed long enough for me to think otherwise.

Zia : ( Small) She is smaller than me! How surprising to meet someone with such a short stature. She seems frail too, I am unsure of how I should act around her. She is a nice girl however, she let me borrow her book. I gave her a piggyback too. She was light so I survived. I wouldnt mind meeting her again.

-Wow Siofra nice descriptions// smacks-

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